Baila Caliente Latin Dance Studio

Baila Caliente

...because dancing is my soul's sole's desire

Courtney "Bob Ocho" Chambers

El Ocho

Courtney started as a student at the same studio he teaches to, formerly known as Salsa Caleinte. He rapidly learned and practice his moves and with in one year graduatd from advance level classes. He continued to dance and perform with the caliente family until he became an instructor in 2015. He continues to improve his teaching and dancing by taking class from master instructors. Courtney teaches all classes at Baila Caliente (bachata, body isolation, chachacha, and salsa). Courtney is working his way to become a master instructor himself.

“I've always enjoyed dancing but never imagined that I would have become a salsa Dance Instructor. Dancing salsa has taken me on a journey that I did not imagine. I've met numerous dancers who became friends, travel to different cities, states and countries in persuit of becoming a better dancer. Dancing is truley my soul's desire.

Courtney is a student of dancing. When he is not dancing or teaching salsa/bachata you will often find him taking ballet, west african dance, reggae or Hip-hop classes. He believes all dancing is an expression of the inner emotion and every should be free to express themselves through the art.