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...because dancing is my soul's sole's desire

About Us

Salsa Caliente started out on 2002 with one mission in mind, "to produce an environment of dancers and build close relationships with our costumers. Founder Darren Stuart build the studio exactly how he visioned it, and maintained success

Darren have been dancing and teaching all style of Latin dance including salsa, bachata, cha cha cha and merengue for over 15 year. He taught numerous workshops all over The United States including the Miami Salsa Congress, Orlando Salsa Congress, and The Tampa International Salsa and Bachata Congress.

He is now the owner of Learn How 2 Dance, an online dance school that teaches you how to dance salsa online.

In 2015, Darren retired from latin dancing and handed the reigns to Courtney "Bob Ocho" Chambers, who later changed the name of the studio to Baila Caliente.

Under Courtney's leadership, Baila Caliente maintained success and has been growing, exploring, and spreading the love of the Latin Dances to the Gainesville community.

Our philosophy is having the best time you can possibly have while learning the latest salsa moves the salsa community has to offer. We plan to usher in the new era of mambo in a jubilant fashion. The classes are structured with emphasis on the basics as you move up the ladder. Having strong fundamentals as you progress will allow you to express yourself more freely with the music.

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